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Kaikura - A World of Tall Women
Kaikura is an online photo magazine, dedicated to model
photography of tall women. Many of the world's tallest,
sexiest and prettiest models will appear here in special
galleries accompanied by their biography. As a fan you'll be able
to access this original material. A tall woman is very
special... And our models will show that to you.
Tags: Hands, Height Compare, Long Legs, Tall Women, Videos
6'5" (1m95) Amazon Detri with two smaller girls. - The SITE where some look UP as She looks DOWN
Just imagine: you being outsized by a woman, you being played
with because you are smaller... then you know what you can find
here at UpSite-Down. Tall Models, very high heels, skirts and
Tags: Feet, Hands, Height Compare, Long Legs, Tall Women
Alexis Skye
Short, Tall, Height, Weight, Men, Women, Pic, Pix, Pictures, Beautiful, Legs, Feet, Love, Comparison, Big, Shoe, 13, Trampling, Phoenix, AZ, AmazonFest.
Alexis Skye - The 6'4" Model
Alexis Skye - The amazingly beautiful six foot four inch goddess
living in Phoenix, AZ making public appearances for trade shows
and modeling and astounding everyone wherever she goes.
Tags: Long Legs, Nudity, Tall Women
Angelica Saige height dominating a shorter guy with whom she is going to have sex later.
Amazon Bitches - Tall Women having sex with shorter guys
Mean Amazon Bitches features Tall Voluptuous women have sex with
shorter, wimpy little guys. Fair enough, the women are just tall,
not extremely tall, but all the men they jump and dominate are
shorter. Sometimes a lot shorter. Girls like Angelica Saige,
Olivia O'Lovely, Kelly Divine, Carmella Bing, and Lisa Sparxxx
run their feet, asses and pussy all over these little
guys. There is foot worship, trample, smothering, face sitting
and plain sex to be seen. The 15 to 20 minute videos are split
in scenes of 2 minutes each. Every scene has the video and a few
photos from it. I underestimated the site at first: the height
difference between the men and the much taller women is
impressive. And the action slow and tantalizing.
Tags: Big Ass, Facesitting, Feet, Hardcore, Height Compare, Long Legs, Nudity, Tall Women, Videos, POV, Height Domination
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Cassidy Heights
Welcome to land of the tall, strong, statuesque and long legged
beauty, 6'3" amazon, Miss Cassidy Heights! This gal is a
model, an actress, a nurse and an athlete! There isnt much she
cant do and I encourage you to join the members section where
you'll see amazing pictures that show her size and strength and
compare Cassidy to shorter models (men and women)and things that
emphasize size and scale. She stands 6'3" and is well-worth
the climb!
Tags: Height Compare, Long Legs, Lift And Carry, Tall Women
Utopia Entertainment
Mixed Wrestling, Female Wrestling, Female Bodybuilding, Female Bodybuilder Posing, Domination Wrestling Video, Wrestling Video, Women Wrestling, Women Bodybuilder, Women Bodybuilding, Female Wrestler, Women Wrestler Videos
Utopia Entertainment - Mixed Wrestling and Female Bodybuilding Videos
Utopia Entertainment provides the highest quality video content
in this genre. Kip Scott, the leader of Utopia Entertainment, has
20 years experience producing, directing, and editing everthing
from commercials and music videos to corporate pieces and motion
pictures. Kip is an avid fan of female bodybuilding and
wrestling. This, combined with his filmmaking prowess, makes him
uniquely qualified to give Utopia customers exactly what they
want; superb quality videos featuring gorgeous, muscular, and
sexy women in prolonged, punishing, neck-breaking, rib-bending
mixed and female wrestling action.
Tags: Armwrestling, Smothering, Muscle Domination, Facesitting, Long Legs, Mixed Wrestling, Muscular Amazons, Nude Wrestling, Nudity, Videos, Women Fighting
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Amazing pictures and videos of Severa
Goddess, Severa, amazon, nyc, dominatrix, bdsm, submit, slave, solo, spanking, nipple, humiliation, strength, muscle, worship, domina, worthy
Goddess Severa - 6'5" - 185lbs Amazon
The illustrious Severa, is the most incredible Amazon New York
City has ever seen! Standing 6'5 in bare feet, (nearly 6'10 in
heels!), she towers over all men and women, and inspires awe in
those lucky enough to behold her in person. Get a natural high
with 6'5" Goddess Severa!
Tags: Smothering, Muscle Domination, Feet, Fetish, Giantess Fantasy, Height Compare, Long Legs, Muscular Amazons, Nudity, Tall Women, Videos

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Longlegs by Astrid
I am very glad to welcome you on my website. <BR>As a stylish german LongLegModel I intend to invite you, to accompany you through my beautiful pages. <BR>
Tags: Long Legs, Tall Women
 MixedFight.De - Diana the Natural
Welcome to my Website. My name is Diana. I'm refered to as 'The Natural', because I am pretty talented at what I do. Despite a size of 6'3" I never fail to amaze by speed and skill. If you want...
Tags: Long Legs, Lift And Carry, Mixed Wrestling, Muscular Amazons, Tall Women, Personal Pages
The Official Julie Strain site
Julie Strain's Official Web Site Penthouse pet of the year 1993 and Judge Julie on playboy tv's sex court and heavy metal fakk 2 heroine.
Tags: Long Legs, Nudity, POV
 Severa - 6'5" - 185lbs
Severa - Height: 6'5 Weight: 185lbs The illustrious Severa, is the most incredible Amazon New York City has ever seen! Standing 6'5 in bare feet, (nearly 6'10 in heels!), she towers over all men...
Tags: Muscle Domination, Feet, Fetish, Long Legs, Tall Women, POV
Heather Haven - 6'5" Amazon
I have always been tall throughout my entire life. Every year I was the tallest kid in my class. I actually peaked at the height of 6’5 ˝” at the age of 15 years old. It wasn’t until then, that I...
Tags: Long Legs, Tall Women
 Amazons Domain
Amazons Domain is a fairly new kid on the block, launched in 2008. Has a few known models like Astrid, Mikayla, Josephine and Amanda. And some new faces like 6'9" Isis and Arekah Lox "The Red...
Tags: Height Compare, Long Legs, Tall Women
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